Friday, May 30, 2008

busy day...

~ been a long time i didnt post in my blog...huhu i can help myself either, lot of thing happen and lots of place i've visited...

~ meet my future family and they are nice...hopefully is will last for a long time like that, and since that place is in rantau panjang so i spend some of the time for shopping although i didnt buy lots of stuff since my car is full...but those trip in kelantan is kinda surprises for me, since lots of the stuff and the word is different from my neighbourhood...i got to learn more on kelantan word...

~ my first meeting with my new big boss and he misunderstood me as a practical student, well i already wear my uniform and still he didn't recognize his own staff, did that mean that i look unmatured or young??? i guess young is more a nice answer for me..hehe

~ i wonder what wrong when i say that i'm handling the wild dog and some other animal matter, well it is important and help a lot for peacefull living, then what is the laughing for it really make me annoyed some time and those thing is not for joking, just imagine when there is nobody will catch those wild dog what will happen in those town..the laughing is really unmatured behaviour for me....

~ my mom has gone to johor, since i already plan my weekend for those trip but suddenly she changed her mind and just go with my aunty really make me annoyed, even in the beginning i'm not really excited to go, but then when i have prepared my weekend for that make me feel a bit annoyed...

Saturday, May 17, 2008

happy day :)

~ feel so happy that really make me want to that happy day song...hehe i just got my salary(second actually) not much but a big relief for me since i already broke...a lesson for me to spend my money much more wisely...hehe

~ somehow i think that i should learn more about car caring since i still dont know how to refill the air in the tyre...hehe lot and lots more lesson and finally my final solution is go to the mechanic and let them refill it for me...end of my problem..

~ i'm planning to go to kelantan this end of the week...can't wait

~ though of visiting the new tesco in alor star yesterday..but lots of people make me n my family think twice and just call it a day...maybe next time after those crowd is much lesser...

Monday, May 12, 2008


~ i feel really annoyed with this malware....who ever created this stuff is soo cruel...those thing keep repeating every time i open internet i have to chose Firefox instead, but somehow Firefox seem slow when i want to open blogger n yahoo which i visit most...quite problematic for me...huhu

~ i have installed this anti spy ware but somehow those malware seem keep appearing every time i open internet explorer..if i could i don't want to format this laptop cause it will remove lots of stuff that i have but i don't see any other choices so far...

~ i have a solution to my job, my problem that i got (the rumors that they want to let be that new bahagian leader) because after discuss with my boss he say that he wont let those people do want they want because what they want me to be is totally different field than the job that i have right now and those job is their job and their problem which is to be settled by them self, so my problem is settled..

~ i can't wait to get my second salary (which is payment for overtime and mileage) because i already broke, i expect maybe at the end of this week..hopefully they really pay at the end of this week.. :))

Sunday, May 11, 2008

lazy sunday...

~ somehow i still feel not into working in sunday..huhu i think those monday blues got to change into sunday blues..hehe because i have to work on monday...

~ went to see congkak last night and then i have to stay at home alone because all my house mate is not home, this make me thinking of all the possibilities..huhu i really afraid of the dark and till now i still wonder what am i afraid of dark very much, but somehow when i am in the dark it make think of every possibilities even though sometime what i been thinking can never be real..hehe what i think??? let just it be a secret after all

~ i got some problem with my house mate actually..well i got just two house mate actually three, but another one just left her belonging and never ever been stayed at that house so just two house mate right now... one is already married and i got no problem with her, but another one is a problem matter...huh she is to naive or can i say to polite, and somehow i feel that i cannot be to much friendly with person that to polite..coz i'm not that really nice come on lah if said no than it is no, paying for car fuel even though we are using the same road which is not more than 2 km?? and does you really have to say sorry for about 5 times when you want to have a ride with me?? and why does i have to eat all those stuff that she bought when she don't want to eat is true that we must stay humble and polite but too much polite make me feel really annoyed..huh

Thursday, May 8, 2008

bad emotion...huhu

not in the mood for blogging...huhu

~ lot and lot of problem feel like i want to have a holiday again...go for a holiday trip maybe..hehe

~ there is some rumour that someone want to put my as a new bahagian leader...not really a great new actually since that bahagian want to be exist to settle all those matter related to their job, something about collecting all the tax that peole dont pay, what is the relation of those to my job..well if that is your problem why must is related to me since those matter not related to my job at all, i think so far i dont create any bad relation with anyone not even an argument..

~ i need a financial advisor, i dont go for a shopping about 3 month now but my money is still not enough, i wonder where all those money goes..huhu

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

busy day...???

~ a very busy day right after 5 days holidays..huhu i went to office after spending about 5 days at home..then all of the thing that i left during holiday need to be settle..huhu suddenly i start to have a headache then

~ i still have those problem to manage my worker..even though i am a young boss but somehow i want to have a little respect from them.. lots and lots of problem that been created by them... absence from work, lazy and so on... my prefect say that i must be talk more and give some kind of word that can make they be more energetic to do work but i think that those worker a more and more older than me and will retired in three or four later and i've been teached to respect to the older person and by thinking those way make me cannot get mad toward them...quite big problem for me...

~ my laptop is being hacked by three kind of viruses and cannot be heal...poor thing.. i got lots of work to do and in this crucial time this viruses appear...damn so this laptop become slow and lots of my work is delayed..huhu i really want to format this laptop but i've already broke.. i just spend my recent salary to pay debt and buy new set of bedroom so no more left for formatting my laptop...huhu


~ i always wonder do i an environmental person..hehe even though my courses is environmental health but i think lots of my interest goes to computering...hehe

~ lots of accident happen lately... yesterday i saw one motocyclist hitted by a car and another one almost hitted by lorry driver...its those lorry and motocyclist really bumped yesterday then it will really happen in front of my eyes... because at that time i'm just at the back of that lorry... and this morning one female lady also motocyclist involved in an accident.. i think i will be much more trauma with a motocyclist... why must i see those all kind of accident lately...huhu


Thursday, May 1, 2008

labour day...

~ i think its really a long time that i spend on holiday although just about 3 days so far and every day i always think is friday..something is wrong..hmmm too much relaxing i guess (even my clerk call to inform something that going on in the office but i just pretend that i dont know everything...hehe)

~ i love to see my car is clean but somehow just after i finish wash it and it will look dirty again.. and my heart surely tear apart seeing this..huhu why is it always raining nowadays..huhu

~ i just got to know that my beloved ex prime minister start his own blog.. n i just leave a commment in his blog... suddenly everyone start blogging..hehe this the link to his blog
* Dr M

~ i miss my life in college n hoping one day i can go there again as a student, well it will come one day and i'm planning to take e-pjj oneday in bachelor program..someday??

~ it a labour day..just after become a working person then i realised why this day is worth for..hehe happy labour day