Be the first to find out about product launches, press conferences, events, freebies, promotions and lots more. Connect with other Angels and be part of an exclusive community, and enjoy the perks, benefits, side dishes (whatever you want to call it) which comes with being an Angel. Express your everlasting loyalty and show your unwavering support. All you have to do is sign up!
ohh lepas ni harap saya akan dapat lebih la diskaun2 menarik yer...
If your favourite brands have yet to join the Evangelist Program, just suggest them to us and we’ll do our best to work our magic for all you Angels-to-be! afterall, unexpressed love gets no reciprocation *winks*
Note: this is a beta release and we’re taking baby steps. But if everything takes off, be sure to see us stride with more brands in the future!
saya sangat suka kicap jalen..agak2 tersenarai ker kicap jalen lam brand2 ni?? hihi (dushdush)
For more information on the Evangelist Program, please check out the FAQs on this page.
nak tau lebih2 korang klik la kat "page" tu nnt dia cita lebih panjang dan lebar kebawah yer...
*Please note that the Evangelist Program is only open to Nuffnang Glitterati members.
haku glitterarati member rupanya :) :)