Monday, September 1, 2008

my engangement ++ my wedding part 1

~it takes a while for me to upload this photo, but finally i upload it...hehe my engangement n my akad nikah picture...
~bersalaman dengan mak mertua....she is a nice person, lucky for me
~hugging my mother in law...i'm still in the process of knowing her actually..
~my mom
~my mom n my mother in law

~ a moment that i will remember for the rest of my life... lots of problem in the beginning but still it is a happy ending..

waiting to be i take a picture for comparing something that people call before n after...hehe

after makeup...the after..quite nice so i can use her for my nesxt big day...because she turn me nicer

posing with all of my hantaran..all in silver as it is the theme i choose

a ring from a simbolyic way for the engangement from my mother in law to be ...for that moment..hehe she is nice n i hope she will always be