Tuesday, April 29, 2008

fake magazine cover

~ i realize that recently lots of my friend put their picture on magazine as a cover...at first i thought that the picture is true.. but then i thought that it never be true because that month cover is the other person...
and when i google i found lots of page that give you fake magazine cover..
just upload your picture then you can be cover too..hehe
sound like fun n i have try it myself






* magpimper *

* bighugelabs *

* magmypic *

~ i take 2 days holiday to relax n take a break form work, plus three days of public holiday which make total of 5 day really worth since i dont take a break for 3 month start from i work in sungai petani...lots of time to spend at home for 5 days..hehe

~ sabar is really a great thing as i do believe in that qoute...
my relationship has been better and i really hope that it will be much more better and more strengthen..hopelfully

Sunday, April 27, 2008

quizzila test

i have taken the test and this is the result..hmmm

What do you secretly long for? (Girls only - pictures)

Love is what you secretly long for.Whether your single or in a relationship. You heart is screaming out for somebody to love you. You want to know what it feels like to be in the arms of "the one". But you're growing tired of waiting for him to come for you and are feeling a bit desperate and lonely on occassion. You need love and you need it now, your rose is wilting as you wait.Don't give up waiting for him, he'll come at the perfect time.
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Thursday, April 24, 2008

tau fu fah...

i really love this food
it is sold at local pasar malam or pasar sehari
the taste is nice
at first i dont like the taste but somehow i learn to accept it and fall in love with it...
i cant finish two tupperware at one time...
it is sold in two type
one is white color
and second one is green color
but usually i prefer the green one
this is the article from cosmo that written about tau fu fah

and this the resepi that i found in the internet
300 gram kacang soya
3 sudu besar tepung jagung
1 sudu teh sekko/ GDL
2 cawan air kacang soya
3 helai daun pandan

1. Rendam kacang soya selama 4 - 5 jam.
2. Kisar kacang soya dengan 5 cawan air. Perah menggunakan kain muslin.
3. Kemudian kisar kali kedua hampas kacang soya dengan 7 cawan air. Ketepikan 2 cawan air kacang soya.
4. Didihkan air kacang soya dengan daun pandan.
5. 2 cawan air kacang soya dicampurkan dengan tepung jagung dan sekko/ GDL dikacau rata.
6. Tuang campuran air kacang soya bersama tepung jagung dan sekko kedalam bekas nasi ataupun tupperware.
7. Air kacang soya yang telah mendidih tu dituang kedalam bekas yang mengandungi air kacang soya yang telah dicampur sekko dan tepung jagung tu dengan cara teknik teh tarik iaitu dari bawah naik keatas jadi air kacang soya yang panas itu sebati dengan air soya yang dicampur sekko dan tepung jagung.
8. Jika permukaan ada buih dibuang buihnya TAPI JANGAN DIKACAU. Kemudian tutup, lepas 30 minit - 1 jam, kemudian boleh dihidangkan dengan sirap gula.
copied from here

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

my first experience of car accident

semasa accident

calar tepi

thursday 5.15 o'clock in the evening...17th of april 2008
the moment that i have to remember because that is the day that i involved in a car accident...
damn that indian...he said that it is all my fault and because i dont want to futher the matter i have to pay for his medical bill and the cost of fixing his motorbike...huhu
handle pun rosak

quite a lot of money... and i just recieved my overtime money... and all the money is flying..huhu
the total of expense is about 700++ luckily i save some money early in the month
so all my saving is gone...huhu
i have to change the side mirror of my car pay for painting the car...
mirror patah

baby x dak side mirror

side mirror warena len

baby kena cat

luckily lots of people are helping me...hehe
thanx to of all...i really owe them a lot

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

cherry blossom in malaysia???



i been looking for a clinic when i found this tree
because i really like cherry blossom
so i found that even though this tree in not real
but somehow its really beautiful
wonder when it can grow in malaysia
i also wish that someday i can go to japan and have a picture of me with this cherry blossom tree...
wonder when that day will come true...hmmmm

Sunday, April 20, 2008

e-book for free

i found this also by google...hehe
modern technologies really make everything simple
no more book in the rack or filling most of the house
(ntah ape yang haku merepek..hehe)
this is the link for those that interested


Thursday, April 17, 2008

dengue problems...

suddenly i'm talking about one of the boring subject
but still the problem is rising ni malaysia n didn't go down...
where is all the awareness among all those public in my country...
the no of cases of the people that infected with this virus is still high
and i have to face the poison of malathaion everyday....huhu
sometime i feel annoyed when doing foging in the evening
even being told that we want to do foging at the residence
they will pretend like we didn't inform them
what more worse the fog that last about 10 minutes or infected with the virus that will remain in their body forever...
there is also the residence that refuse to let my crew fog in the house
where is their mentality anyway...
this picture is taken during foging activity at one of the school here..hehe
look like the school is under fire...but just the smoke where the fire anyway??? hmmm
asap di sekolah
school under fire

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

rahsia tahi lalat

i been goolge for song but somehow i found this article... its about rahsia tahi lalat so if you any tahi lalat then you can know what it mean... but of course this just for knowlegde it is up to you to believe it or not
1. Di kepala sebelah kanan - terkabul cita-citanya
2. Di kepala sebelah kiri - sering menemui kesusahan
3. Ubun-ubun - kurang jujur
4. Pusar - cerdas,tangkas dan tekun
5. Di Kening kanan - cergas dan cekap
6. Di kening kiri - cergas dan sopan santun
7. Sudut mata kanan luar - baik budi, ramai yang cinta
8. Sudut mata kanan dalam - disayangi suami atau isteri
9. Biji mata kanan - suka serong dan pembohong
10. Biji mata kiri - pembohong tapi baik hati
11. Di alis kanan - baik hati, suka menolong
12. Di alis kiri - ramai yang suka
13. Di pipi kanan - ramai teman
14. Di pipi kiri: Anda rajin.
15. Di tengah-tengah pipi kanan - ramai yang suka
16. Di tengah-tengah pipi kiri - ramai kawan
17. Pada hidung - banyak rezeki
18. Pada batang hidung - banyak dicintai orang dan dapat menjadi kaya
19. Bibir atas kanan - banyak rezeki dan pandai
20. Bibir atas kiri - ramai kawan, baik hati
21. Bibir bawah kanan - disegani orang, ramai yang suka
22. Bibir bawah kiri - pandai bicara, tak mudah kalah
23. Hujung mulut kanan - kecil rezeki, tak mudah kalah
24. Hujung mulut kiri - suka berpoya-poya
25. Dagu bawah kanan - jujur dan baik hati
26. Dagu bawah kiri - bijaksana, berbudi luhur
27. Leher kanan - cerdas, jujur, berani menderita
28. Leher kiri - cerdas dlm segala hal dan banyak pengetahuan
29. Leher ditengah - tercapai apa yang dicita
30. Di bahu kanan - cermat dlm mengambil keputusan dan banyak tanggungan
31. Di bahu kiri - suka kerja keras, banyak tangungjawab
32. Di dada kanan - dapat mengatasi masalah
33. Di dada kiri - berani, jujur dan sabar
34. Tetek kanan - baik hati, pendiam dan simpan rahsia
35. Tetek kiri - ramai kawan, setia pada suami atau isteri
36. Di punggung kanan - pendiam, simpan rahsia
37. Di punggung kiri - lambat, kurang agresif
38. Di perut bawah kanan - banyak rezeki, suka memberi maaf
39. Di perut bawah kiri - baik hati, tenang hidupnya
40. Pinggang kanan - sayang pada isteri atau suami
41. Pinggang kiri - disayangi oleh isteri atau suami
42. Di jari telapak tangan kanan - banyak rezeki tapi boros
43. Di jari telapak tangan kiri - banyak rezeki, menyimpan
44. Lengan kanan - setia dan taat pada atasan
45. Lengan kiri - menepati janji dan suka kerja
46. Siku tangan kanan - kuat hendak memiliki kekayaan
47. Siku tangan kiri - baik hati, suka menolong
48. Ketiak kanan - menyimpan rahsia
49. Ketiak kiri - jujur, banyak yang cinta
50. Pergelangan tangan kanan - boros, suka bersukaria
51. Pergelangan tangan kiri - dapat berpangkat
52. Pangkal peha kanan - kemahuan kuat
53. Pangkal peha kiri - suka kerja apa saja
54. Kemaluan kanan atau kiri - baik, suka senggama (bersetubuh)
55. Di kepala kemaluan - bakal beristeri dua
56. Betis kanan - suka berpoya, boros
57. Betis kiri - tidak suka menganggur
58. Tumit kanan - jujur, banyak kawan
59. Tumit kiri - baik budi
60. Di telapak kaki kanan - tidak mudah mengeluh
61. Di telapak kaki kiri - baik budi pekertinya
62. Lutut kanan - bersifat tidak peduli, tidak mahu berusaha
63. Lutut kiri - kurang berusaha

Sunday, April 13, 2008


i visit tesco that in sungai petani and found something that unique for me
this is the shushi that sold in sungai petani
its japanese + malay way
i guess because it contain sambal, cucumber, ikan bilis, the seaweed and shushi rice
from far its look like mini nasi lemak..hehe
while this one is called buah letup-letup on my village
it's not fruit that we grow
but the 'buah hutan'
quite unique
the last time i eat this fruit is when i am child
the unique tesco because it has lot of variety
but in tesco sungai petani it dont sell furniture
it's not really variety then...

50 ringgit

bored sunday...
one of the public that come to my office to show the new rm50
its look like old money
but unique
according to this guy
he get this new rm50 from bank when withdrawl his money using counter(by book)
he also said that the atm still cannot accept this money because it is new...

satay maniac....

somehow i can't stop myself from eating satay....
especially when the price is 25sen per cucuk
and the price for 40 cucuk is only rm10...
this is the satay that i buy this weekend
waiting for the satay...yummmy

kuey teow sup

my first experience eating hokkien kuey teow
that's what written at the stall
but the name mention by my office mate is kuey teow sup
its nice
made me eating till the last spoon...hehe
but it is free because the stall belong to one of office mate husband...
thing that free always nice...hehe
those who want to try can go the restaurant near tesco at the lagenda height sungai petani
i cant remember the name of the restaurant....lagenda something...i guess

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

aimst university

my first experience went to this university
not for study nor the forum or meeting or anythig
but for my job of course....hehe
there is a dengue case there
one of the student from this university is suspected for dengue
so i've been there...hehe
interesting university
its huge and the scenery is nice
but i been to the hostel only...
wonder how their library look like??
i took some picture of the university while i'm there
also my crew with their job...hehe
the view from my car...
outside of the university..this is at the main road...i stop my car at the side of the road just to take this picture...hehe
before entering the university...that its my crew with his motorcycle
the road not taken but both is the right way because its lead to the same place
the work begin...
the hostel in under smoke
padan muka all the stubborn student which refuses to go down even being order by the guard...penuh asap all the hostel...hehe
the other block also under smoke

Saturday, April 5, 2008


i love to eat satay
if only i can make it myself
and luckily at the northen region,
the cost of one stick of the satay at the local pasar malam is 25sen
very cheap
if at the selangor it cost 40sen or 50sen for one stick
so every weekend i can eat a lot of satay

lucky i'm not the doctor

i went to visit my relatives at the new hospital in alor star yesterday
he involved in a car accident
which makes him injured quite bad
his leg a broken
seeing how the leg condition make me feel scared
lucky i'm not the doctor
i feel some kind of allergies toward blood
wonder how i can watch grey's anatomy every single episode...hehe
its holiday in kedah every friday and saturday
a nice moment to rest and relaxing

Friday, April 4, 2008

sabar is a great thing...

orang kata bla ada masalah kena byk sabar
somehow i believe those qoute coz so far its work on me
as i been patience in my problem
and its work out
slowly the way to solve that problem come
my day gets better, alhamdullilah
dah x ada lagi dah pagi yang gelap for me...hehe

Thursday, April 3, 2008

pagi yang gelap

orang kata kadang2 bila kita ada sesuatu benda tu kita x hargai
tp bila benda y kita dah ada tu hilang br kita rasa kehilangan
baru nak mencari2
bila this thing happen to me br i realise that
kadang2 orang yang paling dekat dengan kita tu
kita rasakan dia dah betul2 faham tentang kita
tp sebenarnya manusia selalu berubah
susah untuk stay the same as you are back to ten years before
even a little there some change
at least on your weight...hehe
aku rasa hidup aku sekarang ni dah jadi sangat gelap
bak kata hujan pagi yang gelap
tp tah bila nak terang tah....huhu
betul la orang kata manusia x sama
bukan semua orang adalah pemaaf
tah bila la aku ni akan dimaafkan
tp penantian tu satu penyeksaan....

a melon with tangkai coconut...i found at the local pasar sehari...hehe

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

dear diary.... :)

4 hari x online...hehe
oliday 2 hari....rehat sepenuh-penuhnya..
n then kursus 2 hari...blh kategori rehat la jugak...
quite long holiday..but nice n lot of experience...hehe
ari ni my first experience tgk premis y mengusahakan burung walit di amanjaya...huhu
mcm mana la blh terhantuk tym naik tangga...embarassing...huhu
then i have upload so of my picture during kursus...hehe
nampak gayanya my working life is about the burung walit thing...
huhu quite boring..


mencari penceramah disebalik tiang...haha :p

ni tempat aku berkursus...hotel seri malaysia espi...

tym berkursus ni baru la perasan mentaliti owang melayu ni semua nak dibantu...not to specified or kata kat sapa2 tp ckit2 nak owang tolong...nak permit khas la, nak kadar caj rendah la..patut la owang kata melayu ni manja...sentiasa ketinggalan kat belakang...huh